Online Courses

Effortless Meditations

An open and effortless exploration of your direct experience, to encourage an intuitive development of mindfulness. Enhance your awareness whilst relaxing deeply into the felt comfort of the 'here and now'. £8.50

Illuminate Your Body With Mindfulness

Downloadable bitesize mindfulness course on deepening your body awareness and letting go of tension. £8.50

Evolve with Qigong Online Course

An extensive online course of over 4.5 hours of videos, lectures and activities to begin a home Qigong practice. The course is designed for you to do when it best suits you, fulfilling it in your own time, whether you choose a refreshing start to your day spending 10 minutes on the course when you first wake up or 30 minutes when you get home from work. You do not need anything in particular to achieve this course, other than yourself and a small space. This course is for all levels. In Qigong you are never too advanced and you should always have a beginners mind, because in every moment you are always a beginner. If you haven't heard of Qigong before and are interested or if you have any questions about the course, feel free to contact me at RRP £64.99 - SPECIAL OFFER NOW ON *40% off when purchase through the shop*