What is Qigong (Chi-Kung)?   

Qigong (pronounced chi-kung) is an unparalleled practise allowing you to take full control of your body, mind and energy. Combining mindfulness, meditation, breathing, posture and movement, Qigong is designed to quieten the mind, open the body and nervous system, release deeply held tension and create balance in the energy body. Dating back thousands of years, it is an Ancient Chinese personal health care system with roots in Traditional chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy, promoting longevity, spiritual wellbeing and wisdom. Qigong is also has a history in buddhism and is gaining popularity in the west. It is a life skill that everyone can benefit from, regardless of age, sex, ability, beliefs or life circumstances.

Is it like Tai Chi?

It has similarities but requires much less space and is primarily focused on wellbeing and meditation, rather than martial arts. It can be used to enhance all areas of life from sports to art, to everyday living.

Qigong also acts in much the same way as acupuncture or Shiatsu. It focuses on opening up energy channels in the body, using specific movements and receptivity, rather than needles.

A consistent qigong practise can positively effect all aspects of your life. Here are some of the benefits I have
discoveredTao Benny qigong market harborough mindfulness meditation

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Greater confidence and composure
  • Clarity of mind
  • Greater energy and vitality
  • Improved circulation and deeper breathing
  • Feeling more grounded and balanced.
  • Joyfulness and happiness occur more frequently
  • A number of health complaints disappear over time
  • A feeling of flowing with life
  • Dealing with stress much more effectively
  • Learning and enhancing skills quickly

Tao Benny qigong market harborough meditation mindfulnessWhat do the classes involve?

The classes normally last for an hour and a half and begin with warming up the body, deepening the breath, opening the spine and heightening one’s receptive awareness. When the body is open and the energy can move freely, and the mind is balanced, then we go into the forms. We practise together as a group which creates the perfect atmosphere for Qigong, however many people there are.

Classes are open to all ages and abilities. The incredible thing about Qigong is you never stop going deeper, even with the simplest of movements.


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