Mindfulness, meditation, breathing

In the classes, meditation is taught in it’s purest sense. It is about getting to the heart of mindfulness; an effortless and receptive awareness, and using the principals for the sake of wellbeing and clarity. We get in touch directly with experience itself, the here and now, and turn attention inwardly to unwind and release tension in the body and mind, to ever deepening levels.

In these classes, we do not adhere to dogmatic principals or religious beliefs but draw experiential value from any teaching that may direct us to a deeper understanding of how to meditate and live a mindful life, for the sake of our own balance and clarity.


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Mindfulness is simply about turning one’s attention to the here and now, experiencing directly what is happening, whatever you may be doing. When we are present in this way, we see things as they actually are, and the mind’s interpretations fall away. It is in this open space of pure seeing that the true essence of mindfulness is discovered. Mindfulness is available to everybody, at any time. Simply ask yourself the question, ‘am I aware?’ and look for the answer.

Mindfulness goes hand in hand with letting go. Letting go is about dropping the tensions of the body and the concerns of the mind. This has any number of health benefits, as well as enabling you to slow down and savour life from moment to moment and appreciate all the things that make up the day. It is so peaceful in the here and now, take some time to simply be.

Aspects of mindfulness:                 Meditation, mindfulness breathing

  • Mental and physical wellbeing
  • Thoughts lose their power
  • Better perspective / outlook on life
  • Enhancing presence / awareness / clarity
  • Deeper bodily relaxation
  • Slowing down / pacing oneself
  • Savouring the here and now
  • Noticing things you may not have noticed
  • Learning new skills quicker
  • Avoiding danger and negativity in everyday life.

I am currently available for private mindfulness courses in the UK. Please get in touch.