About me

Hi I’m Benny.

I began teaching meditation and mindfulness with a friend and colleague at ‘A Place To Meditate’, holding regular drop in meditation classes and teaching mindfulness courses whilst training at the Qigong Teacher Training School in Norwich. l am currently running courses and classes in the East Midlands

My inspiration for both meditation and Qigong was born out of a relentless search for something that could have a profoundly positive impact on all aspects of my life. In my teens I began to explore self-hypnosis and guided relaxation techniques and found myself able to relax my body and mind to levels I had not previously thought possible. I found myself fascinated by what could be achieved when attention is focused inwardly. Having experienced many emotional difficulties in my early twenties I went to live on a narrowboat for two years. It was this time of intense reflection and quietude that lead to a re-awakening within, and a new intuitive understanding began to emerge that seemed inherent yet hidden until now. It was at this time I found myself naturally meditating before I knew exactly how it was done. It was like I had finally taken a step back from the story of my life and witnessed everything as a whole. When I learned about the term ‘mindfulness’, I knew immediately what the word was pointing to, and this understanding began to have its own impact on my limited view of reality.

This naturally led me onto exploring Qigong. Qigong made me notice the deeply held tensions in my body like nothing before. Over time, these tensions and agitations began to release from my body and mind. I would leave class feeling as if I was walking on water, flowing with life. Around the same time I explored Buddhism quite deeply for around 2 years, attending several meditation retreats and courses, over time this inspired me to offer mindfulness and meditation classes that were free from any religious overtones, yet able to draw value from ancient teachings. As I go deeper and deeper with meditation and Qigong, I continue to realize the immense value that these life skills hold. We cannot arrange the external circumstances of our lives to makes us happier, we have to turn inwards, if only for a short while, to begin to make any difference to how we feel day by day.