Online Qigong Course

Evolve With Qigong

An in-depth guide to the essential principles of a transformative Qigong practise.

I have learned over the years that it is not enough to just be mindful, it’s important to have a practise such as Qigong to let go of stagnation within the body and release negative energy patterns you are unknowingly collecting and storing in the body and mind from day to day. When these are let go of, mindfulness becomes effortless and automatic and you begin to feel far more comfortable, composed and inspired.

It is your chance to do something amazing for yourself and learn a set of life-changing tools that require no props and very minimal space.

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Why sign up to this course?

By the end of the course, students will have a life-long personal toolbox of skills that enables them to:

  • Develop greater mindfulness
  • Move more fluidly
  • Deepen the breath
  • Release energetic tension
  • Take great care of the spine
  • Feel more confident and spontaneous
  • Deepen body awareness
  • Feel and work with their energy

Students will also understand how these skills may be applied in daily living for a balanced, healthy and rewarding life.